How girls can tap into their greatness/anointing and how to incubate it!

I grew up having a burden to uplift people towards their success and growth, and to see them live purposeful lives.

That burden was covered with an identity crisis, low self-esteem, emotional and mental instability. As a young girl, l found myself existing with what the world gave as rules to abide by, as a young African woman it was/is about waking up, serving at home, attending church on Sundays and then coming back home to eat and sleep.

My life looked like a routine to fulfill and each level of my growth needed another new routine to adopt. In the midst of that, the burden I carried still found ways to manifest, l found myself helping people, advising a friend, listening to my parents, etc…, regardless of me being broken, love seeking, and a messed up being.

Until l encountered a community of young people in search of a purpose like I was, which influenced me mentally, spiritually and physically than the traditions and cultures that I had been raised to follow.

In this short life summary on paper of what my life had been, l would love to share a few transitions that have been like a cross-over from the messed up person to the progressive person that I’m today. As of today, I have started an organization of my own that will help many that are lost to become the future of our nation.

Nothing should be neglected when it comes to your growth ladies, you might say you love looking good, favorite meals, and all those interests and forget your Soul. l am a growing and a productive woman due to the fact that l got to meet and have relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m a believer and proud to be called a princess in the kingdom, the motto that always helps me to tap into the greatness within me is ‘to inspire and love’.  What people saw in me was Christ at work, I could have said principles, self-discipline but those are not my source of growth.

A woman who has Jesus and has made a choice to be committed to him goes through anything with him and her life is in his hands; believe me, nothing is as joyful, peaceful and challenging as her.  l might gain the whole world but without gaining the source of everything – it’s never enough. as well being at peace when things don’t go as planned.

So ladies, the best relationship or encounter that’ll lead you to greatness and have a joyful life is making that Choice (to have the Jesus in your life). Personally I recommend you to get to know Christ as your Lord and savior for He is the only life and truth that people are seeking and that’s what they have to see and wish to live . For the world is in deep need of God consciously or unconsciously. A relationship with him and you’ll live with assurance of new birth, protection, provision and love.

I encourage ladies to engage into communities that teach and challenge them to strive for the greatest version of themselves, through such platforms we grow and we are given a place to voice our ideas and opinions; they become family that encourage and walk with us in the journey of self-discovery.

I also request mentors to wisely learn how to approach those young people, for many don’t know they are in dire need of help. My spiritual mentors have played a big role in my progress so far that I’m really grateful that God gave them to me. They are the key and hands that help us unleash the abilities and potentials we hold and also give us a hand to deal and tackle our weak points for our own good.

Lastly, as women, we are receivers, that should be enough to open our eyes to the potential we hold and to guide us to be true and honorable containers of Christ. You might wonder why l said this but humility and submission is needed for a woman to be herself. Nowadays we focus on the failures of our elders, leaders, parents, etc… We forget that we are helpers not Judges.

Your mother might abandon you but God has made of himself a Father that will love and protect you. We are all broken in one way or another and healing is a natural must for everyone. Like l said self-study comes with you acknowledging the need of healing in your life for without it most of us have become problem producers and not problem solvers. Because of how we have been affected with the wrong environment we were raised in, we give out the bitterness and resentment we hold; what you hold is what pours out.

This hinders and frustrates the greatness in you. The desire to do good and to love has been quenched in many; these challenges have always been there from the past centuries for they always change due to the dispensation, but as ladies, you should incubate this greatness in Christ for LIVES to be protected and saved.  As ladies we are born to keep love and harmony in our societies. … let’s be farmers and incubators of LIFE; and that can only happen if we get to know the importance of life through fellowships, mentors, and mature ladies that are at a level to help fellow young ladies fight and seek for meaningful LIVES, no matter the challenges let’s grow to be resilient spirits.

Receive, keep, and hold onto what Christ died for. He is the only one through the help of the holy Spirit that can enable us to tap into greatness, healing, potentials, and skills etc… that gives us wisdom and builds our characters that will benefit the society and church in the world.

Start living a life of self-discovery: seek your true identity, overcome your insecurities and look to your source, for you can’t tap into what you are not aware of.

Lastly mentors and leaders, you should know that a seed needs watering and constant attention, as people who have been rooted and still growing as strong trees. Mold and shape these young women to take shape of love, unity, harmony and strength.

Let’s partake together for better lives, For together we can.

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