One of my great hobbies is letting my mind go wild, in silence – I love it! I love looking at what I am planning in the now and what it will look like when it happens. I walk in my dreams and plan, and sometimes even picture how they will end. In a way it gives me hope, it helps me plan better, and it keeps me going. But sometimes, I find myself giving up on this dream, giving up on this plan, often because after living this journey in my mind, walking it over and over, I conclude that my investment: energy, emotions, mentality, isn’t worthy putting in this! Sometimes what I want to do is in conflict with the values that I build my life on, sometimes the journey is blur, some the dots just can’t connect, and I am washed in doubt!

But for the things I find myself pursuing despite the cost, I endure them, I set my mind to be ready for anything, I set my heart to be ready to believe and unbelieve; in people, in systems, in relationships, in cultures, I anticipate the loss and gains, and I keep on, because I know how this will end, I know the benefits of this, I know the bottom line makes sense – though I am not yet there, so I choose to smile, catch my breath, and resume the run!

Sometimes, I find myself viewing my journey of salvation in this light, I look at the crown that awaits me at the end of this journey, and I tell myself I will endure the now. Maybe I am just starting to believe in God that he is my heavenly Father – maybe I am just starting to believe in Jesus Christ his son as the savior and Lord over my life, maybe I don’t have many revelations about what the journey of salvation is, I am just here at the beginning. But if the end is “All glorious”, and one of where the words are “thank you my Good and Faithful servant” then I will start this journey, I will endure the ups and downs, I will unlearn and re-learn, I will hold on, I will ask, seek, and push!

Amazingly once we set our minds to start and we are on the go, we get surprised, we find that not taking that risk because of the fears, and at the end failing to bring about any better change in your life is not a place to be at, yet, if you had taken the step, the fears would still exist, you would face challenges in the process – many challenges,  but, you would gain something more, you would gain: hope, perseverance, lessons, a community of those who are determined to walk the journey with you, you would gain life changing results that you would smile upon and forever be proud of!

Still, the journey of salvation stands out, the grace of God is ever present, to enable us, hold us, strengthen us, guide us as we carry our crosses each day to follow Jesus, even then he says; cast it all on me! He is still more than willing to carry our cares and burdens, all we have to do is to surrender it to him.

SO, would you take a moment, think deeply on the journey you are on, on the journey you plan to take, and look beyond today, look at the end of it all, and everything you have to endure in the process, and ask yourself: is the journey worthy it? If it is, what am I going to hold onto so I can keep pressing on?

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