My Vast dress? By Oliver Tusiime

Do you ever find yourself in the mirror trying on different clothes? And bah, the different voices of the unseen whispering in your ears, on how you look in that dress! Girl, you are not alone! Years back in my mid-teen years, on 1 hot Sunday, I was slopping down from a church that is located on one of the busiest streets in Kampala! I had stunned in my floral dress; I am sure I had. And a comment was made that unconsciously changed my life.

As a teenager I had been the I don’t care what people say about me girl, the people will always have trash to say, girl! But for some reason this comment affected me, it affected me without I noticing that it had. I thought I had left it there, blocked it, like I did the many sick words that had been said to me!

Years later I found myself sited with a group of amazing women, we started talking about things, that had been said to us, “words”. And in a short span that memory came back to my head. The beautiful thing of just being present in the presence of God is that things start to unfold, things we thought were too little – to linger on, things that the devil was using to create big scare crows so he can enslave us!

As I started listening to these beautiful, strong, courageous women opening up. I was looking at my own self, memories started coming, and this memory came back to light, a comment that was made about me, as a little young girl had influenced my choices for years, that I didn’t even see it. My life had changed so much since those words had been said to me, words that were spoken by strangers, words that I thought I had left on the street that hot afternoon had changed me completely! But guess what, God wasn’t going to let it go like that, what the enemy meant for bad, God meant for good. (Gen 50:20)

In that moment the grace of God covered me. Words that without doubt the devil had used to hurt me. God had used them to start a work on my character- to turn me into a girl only He knew I would love to be! to mold me into the girl I was proud of, into the girl I was comfortable to be, into the girl I embrace today, and however much I wish I had met this girl earlier before those words had been thrown at me. I am glad I didn’t. I have loved this journey of being wowed at how great God is, that he never lets anything go to waste! That he knits and knits well (Jer 1:5).

What is that/those word(s), that had/have been said to you, that for years had/have enslaved you? That thing you do unconsciously, but it is a result of the words that have been spoken in your life. Today you can reflect and see if you have changed for good, if you have grown into the person you are proud to be, and then give all the glory to God. But, you also have the power, if you are still enslaved, broken by those words, you can break them today, the word of God tells us in Romans 8:28: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. So girl open your heart to love God, to receive his love for you, in all things Him, God will be working for your good, Let Him mold you into the woman he knows you can be. To change you into the person He created you to be! Because He can, He always does!

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