• I wrote this out with uncountable pieces of my heart that have somehow found their way back to one another (thankful to the grace of God that can never let me go). I really hope it can bless you. Looking back, a year ago and all the years before, my
  • Do you ever find yourself in the mirror trying on different clothes? And bah, the different voices of the unseen whispering in your ears, on how you look in that dress! Girl, you are not alone! Years back in my mid-teen years, on 1 hot Sunday, I was slopping down
  • I know of many amazing Christian girls who love wholeheartedly, who give without asking, who try to stand for truth and justice, who will run your errands – if they have no monies to give, and who will always kindly smile as they reject other people’s kindness! I started 2020

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