A Perspective on Career and Girls by Peace Uwimbabazi

Today, I have the honor to share a Perspective on Career and girls through the eyes of a Christian girl. On Her Perspective, today is Peace Uwimbabazi one of my favorite ladies, a Health Care Professional, and A Born Again Christian. I highly hope her wisdom inspires you to rethink your career perception and inspire you into making your career choice with confidence.

I am grateful to have been born in a time when women’s voices are heard. Years back, women were not seen, they were underestimated, and denied of an essential basic need – Education. In my own Perspective about careers and girls, I totally disagree with the belief that some jobs are for men and others for women. I believe God gave us equal capabilities but it all depends on how we view ourselves, girls and women should have a burning desire to rise above circumstances and be willing to sacrifice anything to achieve their goals.

“We don’t have to switch our gender to be presidents, engineers, doctors or any other position that many believe are for men. It just requires us as women to change our attitude towards life, work hard and be determined.” Having this as my perspective builds in me a Positive “I can do it” attitude. It makes me resilient, to give no attention to judgments people throw my way, I stay focused and work hard, determined to achieve my goals, all this has helped me grow into a more God-fearing, and independent woman.

My profession as a health care professional has not only benefited society but myself too, because, there is nothing so rewarding as helping people feel better. My work is to help doctors in the diagnosis of diseases which is part of saving lives, I help in fighting and stopping pandemics, and many others – but all aiming at saving the lives of people.

My inspiration comes from learning about the history of our country, and the whole world where women were denied the right to go to school, forced into early marriages, and were not considered to be able to make their own decisions neither allowed to live an independent life.

We should work hard to break the stigma that still exists on what women can do and can’t do. Most of my inspiration flows from my mother who no matter the circumstances managed to raise 6 children, doing both roles of a father and a mother. I always remember her telling us that we need to work hard to change our lives.

‘I think as women our work shouldn’t be limited to impacting society but glorifying God.’ I think when God sees girls wanting to glorify him in what they do, his heart is moved. And when he sees that we are putting our trust in him than in what we are capable of doing, he is happy with us.

When I am working, what is on my mind is the trust the patients have in me. I have to do my best to help that person because his or her health matters.

The change I get to see is my work is people getting treated and going back home better than they came, I long to see all of us serving people with care, compassion and meeting everyone’s emotional and spiritual needs. I hope to see people trusting God more, believing that he can do far better than what doctors do because the health professionals can treat but God can heal.

My satisfaction comes from knowing that I am part of a team striving to make people’s lives better. And seeing this happen brings great joy and courage in my daily work.

My inspiration is in knowing that I have served with love and excellence and knowing that I am doing it all for the glory of God.

I am not yet where I want to be, but I am grateful for where I am and I continue to work hard to be better each day.

For every job that we do as long as our job is not hurting people, that job is worthy to be toasted to. At every place God has placed us in the now, we can bring about change right there, the bottom line should be bigger than our desire to prove to people that we can, it should be more than a pay check, it should be for a lasting cause, a cause that is going to transform the person you are serving, a cause that is not only going to inspire but challenge us to do better at whatever position we might be at. I pray Peace’s perspective on girls and career helps you dig deeper to find out why you do what you do!

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